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Summer Weight Room 2020

Kearney High School summer weight room will open for athlete use on June 15th.  State and NSAA guidelines have limited the number of athletes that can be in the weight room.  Lifters will sign up for a specific time to lift and will need to stay consistent with this time throughout the summer.  Kearney High School coaches will sign up athletes for a time slot to lift.  If you have questions or need assistance after the initial sign up please contact a head coach to set up a lifting time.

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Lifter of the Month

Collin Fruhling

Senior August
Other nominations: Alex Schall, Coledon Grassmeyer, Gabe VanWinkle, Jack Johnson, Brecken White, Carter Abels, Theo Huber, Caden Johnson, Josh Bean, Colvin Everett, Jacen Osterholt, Ethan Mroczek, Peter Glandt, Aranim Louis Caden DeVries

Haley Becker

Senior August
Other nominations: Brooke Mcllany, Gabby Post, Kali Koubek, Kenzie Bonner

Tate Kuchera

Junior August
Other nominations: Evan Denney, Kamden Bryant, Brooks Paul, Austin Young, Collin Sleicher, Carson Nichols, Ty Lightle, Jakob Ransdell, Ashton Calcaterra, Brayden Andersen, Chris Dutenhoffer

Hannah Lydiatt

Junior August
Other nominations: Megan Dahlke, Izzy Rich, Travi Tighe, Allison Lane, Maci Kalsbeck, Kaleigh Hatcher, Madison Mishou

Sam Kreis

Sophomore August
Other nominations: Nolan Smith, Noah Torres, Loghan Lazoroff , Bryce Denney, Perry Swarm, Eli Bond, Aiden Poppe, Quinn Foster

Ashley Sandstedt

Sophomore August
Other nominations: Callie Bartee, Elle Mehlin, Brynn Grassmeyer

Grady Wright

Senior July
Other nominations: Alex Schall, Coledon Grassmeyer, Jack Johnson, Brecken White, Gabe VanWinkle, Colten Eurek, Carter Abels, Caden Johnson, Theo Huber, Josh Bean

Brooke Glaser

Senior July
Other nominations: Lucy Bartee, Sarah Sparvier

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